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[CheckMate™ 400 Thermocouple Calibrator] [60T Thermocouple Module]

This CheckMate™ thermocouple calibrator sources and reads four t/c types. Its accuracy is ±1 degree C for temperatures above 0 degrees C and ±2 degrees C for temperatures below. Cold-junction compensation is accurate to ±1 degree C.

  • Accuracy ±0.05% FS + 1LSD; ±2.0% FS + 1LSD (0 to 45V)
  • Pigtail Kit

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  • The QuikCal™ 60 Thermocouple Module is an input/output module designed to plug into a QuikCal™ 190 Base Unit. The QuikCal™ 60 is designed to measure and simulate thermocouple signals as well as read mV inputs and generate mV output signals.

    mV Accuracy:
    ± (0.015% of Reading + 0.006mV)

    ± 0.1° or 1uV for mV

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