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[QuikCalÔ 190] [CheckmateÔ 600] [90 Series Modules] [1091PLUS] [PneuCal IV]

  • Accuracy ±0.025% of Reading
  • Perform a 5-Point Differential Test in 20 Seconds
  • Expandable to Measure and Source Any Process Signal
  • Ranges From 100" H2O to 2500 PSIG
  • Read mA and Volts
  • Built-In Pump Generates Up to 100 PSI for Hands-Free Calibration
  • Fully Automatic Switch Testing

    At the touch of a button, the new QuikCal™ 190 automatically generates and holds pressure. Thanks to a built-in, servo-driven pneumatic pump, outside pressure sources are unnecessary. Forget about lugging around a slew of instruments to get all the readings you need. The portable QuickCal™ 190 can be expanded and upgraded quickly and easily, as needs change.

    Each Unit Includes:
    Batteries, charger, test leads, and manufacturer certificate of calibration.

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  • ±0.05% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Ten Selectable Engineering Units
  • Switch Testing
  • Ranges From 10 PSI (250" H20) to 2000 PSI
  • Compatible with Most Common Fluids and Gases

    Test dry-contact (non-powered) pressure switches for trip Points on both rising and falling pressures. In addition, you can test for both normally-open and normally-closed switches. The display freezes the pressure reading until the "reset" button is pressed. The switch test mode is not found on any other product in this class or price range.

    Each Unit Includes:
    Batteries, carrying case, and test leads.

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  • QuikCal™
         190 Series
  • Engineering Units: psi, Pa,
         kPa, MPa, BAR, mBAR, Atm,
         kgf plus torr, inches and mm of Hg or
         H2 0 at a variety of temperatures

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  • Input and Output Functions
  • 2-Wire Transmitter Simulation
  • High Accuracy and Resolution

    Each Unit Includes:
    Two sets of test leads (500143-003), battery pack (SPBE or SPBE-LP), charger/transformer (TA for -LP models), carrying case, and instructions.

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  • The PneuCal IV is the calibrator of choice for pneumatic systems. Lightweight but rugged, this highly accurate instrument makes quick work of calibrating valve actuators, P/I transmitters, controllers, gauges, switches and recorders.

  • For Troubleshooting, Calibrating, and Repairing 3-15 psi Pneumatic Control Loops
  • Smaller, Lightweight Package-Less than 12 pounds!
  • Built-in Regulators precisely control pressures
         using standard shop air, nitrogen bottles
         or any pressure source up to 100 lbs
  • Measures  -5 PSI to 100 PSI
  • Simultaneous Display of Pressure and mA
  • Built-in 24 VDC Loop Power Supply
  • High accuracy --0.035% FS

     Each Unit Includes:

    Built-In Switch Testing, AC Adapter/Charger, Test Leads, Hard Shell Carrying Case, and Instructions.

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