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[QuikCalÔ 190 Automated Pressure Calibrator] [1091PLUS]

  • Accuracy ±0.025% of Reading
  • Perform a 5-Point Differential Test in 20 Seconds
  • Expandable to Measure and Source Any Process Signal
  • Ranges From 100" H2O to 2500 PSIG
  • Read mA and Volts
  • Built-In Pump Generates Up to 100 PSI for Hands-Free Calibration
  • Fully Automatic Switch Testing

    At the touch of a button, the new QuikCal™ 190 automatically generates and holds pressure. Thanks to a built-in, servo-driven pneumatic pump, outside pressure sources are unnecessary. Forget about lugging around a slew of instruments to get all the readings you need. The portable QuickCal™ 190 can be expanded and upgraded quickly and easily, as needs change.

    Each Unit Includes:
    Batteries, charger, test leads, and manufacturer certificate of calibration.

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  • Input and Output Functions
  • 2-Wire Transmitter Simulation
  • High Accuracy and Resolution

    Each Unit Includes:
    Two sets of test leads (500143-003), battery pack (SPBE or SPBE-LP), charger/transformer (TA for -LP models), carrying case, and instructions.

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